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We support two search modes for adding new entities to the graph: 1) add entities and 2) add as network.

Add entities

Add entities allows adding each new entity to the existing graph. Newly added node will appear as a standalone node without any relationship formed. User could keep adding new entities on the graph.

Add as network

Add as network allows adding a group of entities with relationship formed as a standalone node to the existing graph from each search.

Graph Control

When graphs are formed, hovering the mouse over any node wouldhighlight all its direct connections. Every node on the graph could be selected by clicking on it. Upon selection, a radial menu will pop up for the following 4 operations:


By clicking the “Inspect” icon on the radial menu, the details record (personal / company particulars, career record, transaction record, management, stock chart etc.) of the entity will appear on the left panel. Users could also view other nodes’ details by a simple click on that node.


By clicking the “Expand” icon on the radial menu, the node will be expanded by one degree (immediate connections). If the number of possible expansion exceeds 10, a menu will pop up for users to select relevant attributes and/or maximum number of nodes to expand.

Leaf nodes

By clicking the “leaf nodes” icon on the radial menu, the immediate connected nodeswill be selected. Users could drag these nodes as a whole to customize the graph.


Clicking the “Hide” icon will hide the selected node, it could re-appear by toggling from the “Filter” panel.


We support 2 types of filters for managing the display of graph data.

Filter by node (attribute)

We support data filtering by node types such as “Person”, “Organization” and “Institution” in the default Gekko database.

Filter by link (relationship)

We support data filtering by relationship type such as “Position”, “Education”, “Kinship”, “Transaction” and “Ownership” in the default Gekko database.


We support timeline filter for managing the display of graph data. Any events that have overlap with the selected time zone will be filtered out.

Graph Layout

We support graph customization. Users can re-arrange the shape of graph by using the provided four layouts. For Odd/isolatednodes, users could use the “Selection” & “Trim” function to remove them for better visualization and easier pattern recognition. Trim action could be reverted by “Undo” button. Users could also re-arrange selected nodes only, while not affecting the other layout.

Network layout (default)

The graph will be re-arranged according to clusters (a group of connected nodes). This is default layout and the layout after node expansion.

Circular layout

Nodes will be arranged around a circle with most-connected nodes being placed closer to the center.

Rectangular grid layout

Nodes will be aligned in a rectangle. This mode is for easier inspection of nodes. Hover the node will show the immediate connection (leaf nodes).

Hierarchy layout

Nodes will be arranged hierarchically with the most influential nodes (nodes with the most way-out connections) being placed at the top of the hierarchy tree.

Files Management

All graph searches and user operations could be saved and opened again.
All files could also be managed under a case (folder). A case could be considered as a folder for storing a number of graph files. A graph could be saved globally (without any association with any case) or could be saved under a case.

Open saved files

Save & Save as new graph

Start new graph / case

Move graph to case

Remove graph from case

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